Helping you fight panic attacks naturally

Why keep suffering? Following a panic attack treatment at home may be your solution!

Many of us who suffer or have suffered from panic attacks have tried different ways to stop them. This is the hardest part of facing these intense fears that seem to stay forever. If you have tried medications or any other ways to beat them but nothing is working you may want to treat panic attacks at home.

Yep, beating panic attacks can be easier than you think but it will require your patience, making some changes, and being optimistic. You may be struggling for many years and anticipating another one. Or the methods you are using may be working temporarily but it keeps coming back. So, if you want to beat your panic attacks, learn how to overcome the symptoms, and regain control of your life, you are in the right place!

Learning how to relax is a great way to relieve the symptoms. Also, breaking bad habits is part of a positive recovery. You will still need to make big changes to control them. Really. Are you feeling panicky but you are not sure what it is? Don't know whether is anxiety or panic attacks? Do you feel like you can't take it anymore? These and other questions will be answered on our site so you can be familiar with panic attacks.

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What is a panic attack?

It is a sudden intense fear or panic that causes palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pains, excessive fear of dying, confusion, hyperventilation, numbness, and many other symptoms. They can be mistaken for a heart attack. Anyone can be affected by a panic attack at any age.

Do you know that they last around 10 to 30 minutes even though it feels like hours? In addition, the symptoms may appear around an hour before you have a sudden attack of fear.

For many, a panic attack feels like you are having a heart attack. Others feel like they are out of control. To me, it was like it would stay there forever and I lost control at that time while my husband felt nauseous.

See, the symptoms and the way you feel can be different for everyone. Also, while some people want to be alone when they are having a panic attack I prefer to be with someone I trust like my husband.

Panic attacks vs anxiety: How do you know which one you have

Want to know if you feel panicky or just anxious? Panic attacks are often related to anxiety. However, while a panic attack is an episode of intense fear, anxiety is when you feel excessive worry or fear about any situation.

Now, to be more clear, anxiety is normal. We can feel anxious about any particular event such as a wedding, trip, or giving a speech. However, when they are recurrent and interfere with your daily life, they are considered a disorder.

Anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, and other phobias.

Causes for sudden attacks of fear

Panic attack causes may vary from one individual to another. This anxiety disorder might be triggered for the following reasons:

  • Stress

Although we go through moments of tension, stress is normal for everyone. However, when it affects your life it might become severe. Being stressed out for a very long time can cause a buildup which may trigger a panic attack. If you have lots of tension, find a way to relax. Go for a walk, exercise, practice breathing exercises, or adopt a healthy lifestyle. We will share more tips in our articles to help bring tranquility to your life.

  • Health problems

Believe it or not, panic attacks can be caused by any health condition such as thyroid or health problems. When we had our first panic attack we both went to the hospital because we had no clue as to why felt this way. All the tests came back normal which made us feel relieved. It's very important to identify where your panic attacks are coming from and to rule out any physical illness. Although I believe panic attack treatment at home may work for many, it is essential to find out if they are caused by health problems.

  • Family history

Genetics may be the cause. However, some individuals suffer from panic attacks even though their relatives don't. Some people's relatives who have them may not be affected. Also, that would depend on the genes and any family environment or situation.

  • Negative thoughts

When we go through a stressful situation it's normal to anticipate the "what-ifs". However, this way of thinking can turn into a bad habit before you know it. Believe it or not, negative attitudes can cause stress. Have you heard someone complaining about everything or saying negative comments all the time? We all have. Unfortunately, negative attitudes can cause lots of tension and even panic attacks. This is a very important topic that we will discuss further in our posts.

  • Severe anxiety

Although anxiety is normal, it could become an uncontrollable nervousness or tension over time. In addition, It can become so severe that it triggers an intense explosion of fear.

  • Life events

Stress will always be part of our life. However, it can vary from one person to another depending on how we deal with our experiences, such as the death of a dear one, natural catastrophes, crime, child trauma, domestic violence, and others.

  • Food

Do you know that what eat or drink can either worsen or relieve your panic attacks? Energy drinks, dark chocolate, sweets, alcohol, illegal drugs, junk food, and food that contains a lot of sugar need to be avoided. Eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to help you fight panic attacks. You will find healthy and delicious recipes to help nourish your body in our Recipes section coming soon.

  • Weather

Panic attacks can be triggered by humidity especially, during summertime. In many cases, heat can cause symptoms. It is important to stay indoors when humidity levels are high. Also, keep yourself hydrated, stay active, and eat healthy to prevent symptoms from escalating.

How to treat panic attacks at home to reboot your life and regain control

Fighting panic attacks naturally is easier than you think. Whether you are taking medications or not you can follow these suggestions to bring calm into your life. If you want to consider a panic attack treatment at home you are in the right place.

Although we will be discussing this topic in-depth we want to share some ideas to help you chill:

  • Always have time to rest.

If jobs are important, taking a break will help you release some tension and become productive. This will help prevent stress levels from going up which will affect your health in the long run. Leave your desk and go for a walk during your break or lunchtime to help you recharge your batteries.

  • Stay optimistic

Our minds are so powerful that if you are always thinking positively you will feel great and a better attitude helps you stay more relaxed.

  • Practice breathing exercises

Improving your breathing is easier than you think. Inhale to the count of 5. Make sure you fill your belly with air (like blowing up a balloon), not your chest. Hold it for 4 seconds. Exhale to the count of 5. And so on. Repeat as needed. We will share more breathing techniques later.

  • Use affirmations

Whenever you feel you are on the verge of a breakdown talk to yourself. Phrases like "You will be fine" or "This will all pass" can help change your mindset into a more positive one. You will feel positive and relaxed and this will help lower your stress levels.

  • Stay away from toxic people

As part of a panic attack treatment at home, staying away from people with negative attitudes will help you cope with panic attacks. Individuals who always bring you down or are emotionally abusive will make you feel stressed out. No matter what they say to you do not take it personally. You just simply ignore them. In addition, try to stay away from them. Always hang around with supportive, stable, and inspiring people you can learn from.

What to do when a dear one is feeling panicky in front of you

If a relative or friend suffers from panic attacks, we always want to help. However, it requires compassion, support, and a positive attitude. Please keep in mind that how you react when they are suffering, can adversely affect the way they feel.

For example, acting freaked out will make the situation worse. Instead, being supportive will be very helpful.

5 effective ideas to help a friend or family deal with panic attacks

That being said, when someone you love suffers a panic attack in front of you this is what you need to do:

  • Ask your dear one "How are you feeling?". She/he might want to be left alone. Do not take it personally. How people react to a panic attack varies from one person to another.
  • If she/he tells you anything, be supportive. You can say "You are not alone" or "You can count on me". Also, a hug might help.
  • Avoid telling them "Just relax or calm down". Also, keep in mind when someone suffers from a panic attack, stress levels are very high and in many cases can lose control of themselves. There is no bottom to help you relax. In my case, it took me three weeks to see some improvement. Sadly, some want to keep their episodes of intense fear a secret because they don't want to be judged. In addition, a panic attack can be mentally and physically draining.
  • Go for a walk, inspire, and cheer them up.
  • Encourage her/him to exercise or eat healthily.
  • Bonus: Inform yourself more about panic attacks. This will help you understand and help your dear ones go through it. We constantly add posts and content to educate, help, and create awareness about panic attacks and how to fight them.
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Panic attack relief at home?

Absolutely! It is possible to fight your sudden attack of fear naturally if you consider a panic attack treatment at home. Our site is a great resource of information to help you and your dear ones cope and beat them effectively.

Want to know more about Breathe Out Panic Attack? Go to our About page and read about our experience with panic attacks and how we were able to fight it back and win!