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Welcome to Breathe Out Panic Attack! We are focused on helping you fight your panic disorder and treating it at home even if you are medicated. As someone that overcame my most intense fears successfully, this panic attack self-help guide to help to fight it, how to avoid a relapse and more!

You will also discover effective suggestions and tips on how to stop intense fear before it becomes your worse nightmare. Besides, We will show you some of my food recipes to help reduce panic attacks and stay healthy. Also, you will find better ways to help your dear ones to overcome it and what to do when they are suffering one.

Keep in mind that my approach in treating panic attacks is holistic which involves your body and mind. Therefore it is very important to make changes and adopt new good habits to help you beat your panic disorder.

You might think your intense fears cannot be relieved. However, we have great news for you. Yes, you can follow our panic attack self-help guide at home to relieve your intense anxiety and improve your life.

Dealing with it is not only about stopping it but also to make adjustments in your lifestyle. Beating your intense fears is not a method, secret, or a magic pill but a commitment.

For some, your panic attack is still there, preparing to ambush when you are not expecting it. However, you will learn how to overcome the symptoms before they turn into a scary fit of terror.

Just like you, we have our stories and will share it with you because you are not alone. No matter how bad it is, there is always hope and tomorrow will be better.

My first encounter with a panic attack

That sense of uncontrollable fear invaded my life when I was 23 years old. This uninvited guest came in the night while I was sipping hot milk before going to sleep.

My heart was a wild animal and my mind was a terrible mess. This sudden intense terror was something new to me and the worse part was that I didn’t know what to do. I went for a walk but did not want anyone to know anything, no even my parents! Eventually, I surrendered and told them.

I was so afraid that I was having a heart attack or my blood pressure was high. So I decided to go to the hospital. Blood pressure was a bit high but a series of blood tests came negative.

Physically my body was fine but no one ever told me why my blood pressure was high. I never received any specific answers from the hospital. However, a nurse told me that I need to take it easy. She told me that the same happened to her when she was studying.

At this point, I did not know what was happening to me. I went back to my primary doctor. Although my blood was normal that day he prescribed blood pressure medication but I still had panic attacks.

Until one day I told my doctor: “I feel so much stress in my life. Do you think this can affect blood pressure?” He said, “No, your situation is different”. His response caused more stress than my own hectic schedule.

Still, I did not know what I had and going to a psychologist was not in my plan. I went to a naturopathic doctor who told me I had a chemical imbalance and prescribed me with supplements and vitamins.

Battling my uncontrollable fears: you may be dealing with this

Nobody mentioned panic attacks that much in the 90s so I was still in the darkness. My intense fears continued although they were intermittent like every two, three or six months. I could suffer one attack a day but also two or three times depending on my stress levels. Then, I kept taking my supplements. Unknowingly, I had a couple of horrible panic attacks during that time. And yes, they were getting intense and worse.

Several years later I was already living by myself, so one night, I awoke with that fear that I opened my apartment door to go for a walk. It was a crazy urgency to get lost and leave everything behind at 3:00 am. My panic attack went away while I was walking out of the apartment. I fell asleep wondering if this monster trapped in my mind would come back to haunt me again.

Still, I did not know what was causing this upheaval in my life. I thought it was stress or stomach problems. So I tried to eat healthier and exercise. Panic attacks can manifest itself in many different ways. You can have them from the most frequent to every couple of months. But they all have one thing in common: they can be mentally terrifying and leave you physically drained.

It was so hard for me to go out but I did not let this monster control my life. Besides, I could feel anxious about any situation in my personal life or work. It was really tough since I was are living alone at that time.

So, taking care of myself was not enough for me. I needed to know what was causing my intense fears. Scary thoughts, what-ifs, and worries made me feel anxious and panicky. I read about panic attacks but I did not know what I had.

How facing my monster was the beginning of a healing process

So, things had gotten really bad after I relocated a much longer work commute. I remember the frustrations due to the train delays until one night I couldn’t take it anymore. During that time I was married to someone who had intense panic attacks for many years.

That night the monster came back to torment me again with a full-blown panic attack. My husband helped me to relax and made me feel safe. Thanks to him, he made me realize that I had one.

Should I have gone to the doctor? Probably yes, but due to my experience at the hospital, I decided to take care of it at home. With my husband’s support, I tried some self-help approach and they really worked. However, you can try many things to defeat your panic attack but stay focused, positive, and patient.

Beating a panic disorder takes time. When I had my last big panic attack it took me three weeks to feel better. Others will take more or less.

For example, after six long years of having intense panic attacks and several times a day, my husband had it worse. After a couple of years taking medications, he decided it was time to leave them and try other ways to beat his panic attack. More than 17 years later, he is free from panic attacks. Because many of you may have had it this bad his experience will be shared and how he was able to fight it at home.

Will I have another panic attack in the future? Time will tell. The importance is to identify the triggers to help defeat them and most importantly, keep practice your breathing.

We continue adopting a healthy lifestyle by managing stress in an efficient way, staying active and eating healthy.

Why did we consider a panic attack self-help at home?

After I found that panic attacks were to blame I decided to face it after 20 years. I had to embrace a huge challenge because battling a disorder is part of our lives. So, with the support of my husband, I thought a panic attack self-help is better for me. I wanted to change many bad thought habits that caused me so much stress.

Along with physical activity and stress management, there are many things you can do to help your self. Keep in mind that some might may work better than the others. The tips we will share are easy to follow, simple, and effective.

Like I said earlier, it will take time, patience, and dedication to really experience any improvements. However, you will discover some techniques that will work faster than others.

That said, please keep in mind the following, to clarify any possible doubts or concerns:

We do not work for nor have ever worked in the medical field. We want to share our experience with panic attacks to help you cope with yours. However, any tips or suggestions offered on this site are not guaranteed and should not substitute any medical treatment. Speak to your doctor for any specific advice.

My tips and suggestions may or may work for some. The fact that we have chosen a panic attack self-help doesn’t mean that it will work for you. We strongly advise you to speak to a doctor if you want to make changes to your medications.

Do not leave your medication without speaking to your doctor first. Although it has worked for us, our decision to treat panic attacks without any drugs is ours and we are responsible for my own health.

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Dealing with panic disorder is not easy and fighting it can be a long process. We know how you feel. Discover helpful and informative articles to help you fight with your panic attack successfully in our blog.

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