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Can you overcome panic disorder? We can help you!

can you overcome panic disorder

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Panic attacks come and go anytime… from uncontrollable fear to breathing difficulty that has been chronic for a while. It is an everyday struggle that is physically and mentally exhausting. You may be wondering whether can you beat your panic attacks. Are you worried that they will never stop? Or when the next panic attack will happen? Can you get rid off of them?

The answer is it depends. What you decide to do about your panic attacks will determine the severity and whether you will suffer them later.

Other factors include stress levels, frequency, and the strategies you will use to control the symptoms. To overcome panic disorder successfully you will need to make changes in your daily lifestyle. For example, redirect your negative and scary thoughts into positive ones to help you deal with them.

In addition, controlling your breathing and staying physically active helps lower your stress levels. You can try many other ways to cope with your panic attacks such as becoming part of a support group, practicing yoga, hiking, practice breathing exercises, and staying positive.

An effective panic attack management strategy will help gradually reduce stress levels and the intensity of the symptoms which will decrease uncontrollable fears.

In this guide, we will share useful suggestions and effective ways to help you confront and overcome your panic disorder which will improve your quality of life. Also, we will show you breathing techniques and affirmations to defeat them successfully.

We have used these techniques for many years to combat and defeat them successfully. You will learn not only how to overcome panic attacks but to prevent them from coming back.

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Why controlling your panic attacks will change your life

We are very happy that we found effective ways to beat panic attacks. Our lifestyle has tremendously improved and we have brought tranquility and calm into our lives.

Just imagine if you were able to do the same. I am very sure that your life will take a 180-degree turn and you will enjoy life to the fullest. Here are some benefits of dealing with your panic attack that will transform your life:

  • Dealing with panic disorder will give you more confidence
  • You will stop thinking about having the next panic attack
  • You will feel stronger and will be able to handle more difficult situations.
  • Once you learn how to manage your panic attacks you will be able to confront your own fears.
  • Another important change that you will experience is that your overall health will improve.
  • You will inspire and help others
  • Your pain and aches will go away because you will feel more relaxed.
  • Social life will improve as well.
  • You will become more productive at your workplace
  • Breathing will be deeper and normal
  • You will become more positive and focused
  • Sleep quality will be increased
  • You will prioritize more efficiently

Now you know how essential is to learn how to handle your panic attacks. Furthermore, we will show you the most important factors in beating them.

What is the most crucial part of overcoming panic attacks

Before sharing our tips, keep in mind that you need one thing to overcome your sudden attack of fear: the willingness to learn how to control them which may involve making positive changes.

Keep in mind that in many cases of panic disorder can be triggered by bad habits that can be hard to break. Smoking, drinking, eating junk food, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and even negative thoughts can worsen your panic attacks.

That’s why it is important to be open to change. My husband and I had to learn how to let go, become positive, adopt simplicity, and more importantly how to breathe, which at first seemed impossible to achieve. However, we have learned that changes start from within and commitment helps us to achieve the desired results.

At one point in our lives, we all have to get out of our comfort zone to embrace new ways of conquering our own fears. Always try to remember that panic attacks can be beaten. Click here to learn about some myths that mislead people and prevent them from confronting panic disorder.

Are you constantly thinking about your intense nervousness? We know how you feel! Our article “How to stop thinking about panic attacks the right way” features powerful and effective tips on shifting worrying thoughts to positive ones.

The best ways to beat panic disorder

For those of you who don’t know, a panic disorder is when you are suffering recurrent panic attacks. Learning to face your most intense and abrupt fears is one of the effective ways to overcome panic disorders, especially if you decide not to take medications. Please note we are not encouraging you to leave your medical treatment. It is best that you talk to your doctor first before deciding to do so on your own.

Keep in mind that managing your panic disorder takes time, commitment, and patience. In addition, confronting your fears will help you control them. We will show you effective ways to get you started with your recovery journey:

  • First, correct your breathing

Normal breathing has a natural rhythm and control. When inhaling we bring oxygen into your lungs and exhaling expels carbon dioxide. However, our breathing pattern changes when we are stressed. That’s why your breathing is heavy or shallow during a panic attack. Hyperventilation is caused when you try to breathe too fast and too deep. When I had my panic attacks I felt like I totally “forgot” how to breathe.

That’s why it is important to breathe correctly. You will feel better and ready to face your panic attack. To me, the best breathing technique is the 4-7-8 breathing technique that we have explained in our article “How can I stop attacks naturally and fast” along with other techniques to help you fight your panic attacks. The 4-7-8 technique was developed by Dr. Andrew Weil, a doctor who is an alternative medicine advocate.

Using a warm compress or hot pack on my chest helped loosen my muscles which facilitates easier breathing. Also, stretching your chest muscles was a great way to fight tension in this area and maintain a better posture.

As long as you continue practicing your breathing you will be able to deal with your panic attacks more effectively.

  • Try stretching exercises for your chest

As we stated above, one of the panic attack symptoms is chest muscle tightening caused by shallow breathing. To help you release the tension on the area we suggest you stretch your pectoral muscles. They will help you inhale and exhale deeply. This is how you do it:

If you are standing

You can do this easy pectoral stretch while you are standing with your feet a shoulder-wide apart. Next, interlock your fingers behind you while your back is straight and inhale. Pull your shoulder blades together and try to push your arms up slowly while you exhale. Once your arms cannot go any further, inhale again. You can hold the position 30 seconds and you can repeat. If you have any arms, chest or shoulder injury/pain speak to your doctor first before attempting this exercise.

Either Sitting/Standing

If you are sitting put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers with your elbow pointed outwards and inhale. Keep your back and head straight and relaxed. Squeeze your shoulder blades together while you keep this position and exhale. Move your elbows back and hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat one more time.

  • Educate yourself about panic attacks

One of the best ways to face your most intense fears is to be informed. Do you know that the average panic attack lasts around 20 minutes and very rarely lasts one hour? And the symptoms can be felt up to an hour before it occurs?

Know that panic disorder is manageable and the symptoms can be defeated. That’s why we are here to help. Staying informed also helps others deal with them. To learn more about panic attacks, possible causes, symptoms, and more tips on how to deal with them go to our home page.

We always add new and helpful posts with effective suggestions on how to handle and prevent panic disorder that will transform your lifestyle.

  • Find out what triggers your sudden attack of fear

Your uncontrollable fears might be caused by daily hectic schedules, death of a family, personal issues, and other life events. If you do not know what triggers your panic attacks, the Anxiety and Depression American Association (ADAA) suggests to write down any symptoms to help you find any patterns.

  • Shift negative thoughts into positive ones

This is a must if you want to overcome your panic disorder. Negative thinking can trigger them. That’s why it is important to learn how to change them into more enlightening ones. Staying optimistic is an effective way to manage it. Being a worrier will make you feel even more anxious and panicky.

When a negative thought pops up, try to convert it into a positive one. Also, “talking to your panic attack” has worked wonders for me. For example, I used to say “Panic attack, I do not have time for you”. I just ignored it and continued doing my task and thereby defeating my panic attacks.

Another bad thought habit I had was the ‘what ifs’. For example, “What if I have another panic attack later? What if it rains tomorrow?” That way of thinking will increase the anticipation, stress, and symptoms.

I do not mean that you have to think 100% positive but start training yourself to move in that direction. We know it is impossible because our lives are not perfect. However, when you are having a bad day, always think that no matter what happens you will make through the day! In the end, everything will be alright!

  • Face your most intense fears

Confronting them may seem scary and impossible. However, not only can panic attacks be conquered but also be overcome. Once you can confront them the rest is easier. Do not fight your panic attack. If you feel the symptoms ride it out. Ignore it and do not stop what you are doing. Distract yourself and do something that makes you feel good. Eventually, you will realize it is not so bad.

  • Workout to release your stress

Exercising improves your overall health and helps to relax among other benefits. Try hiking, dancing, and jogging. However, if your panic attacks are getting very intense try yoga, walking, or stretching. Once the symptoms improve you can go back to your routine.

Keeping your panic attacks at bay

If you are able to control them, congratulations and give yourself a pat on the back! However, your job is not done yet. You will need to learn how to prevent them. Depending on the intensity of your panic attacks and your commitment you may feel much better sooner than expected. However, if you have had them for many years it may take longer but don’t be discouraged.

We were able to overcome our panic disorder in a natural way. The above tips were used to control them and we will share these effective suggestions to help you beat them:

  • Make changes in your lifestyle

If lead a hectic lifestyle, making adjustments may help you reduce your stress. Keep in mind that the more stress you bring into your life the more panic attacks you may have. Always find time to relax, laugh, smell the roses, and find a hobby. Resting will help your nervous system to recover and will gradually reduce your panic attacks.

  • Do not be afraid to deal with your panic attack

Even though panic attacks can be controlled you may be anticipating the next one. This is normal but now you know you can cope. Affirmations such as “I can overcome my panic disorder” or “I am stronger than ever” will help you stay positive.

  • Monitor your stress levels

You may want to pay attention to your body. Do you feel lots of tension? Are you too worried about a situation you cannot control? Have a herbal tea or a hot bath. Also. you can watch a relaxing video. In addition, keep practicing your breathing. Beat your stress before it can get you! Find more relaxing strategies here.

You can monitor your tension with a stress tracking wearable watch. Many of them can help you cope with stress through guided breathing sessions.

This informative post “How does a smartwatch measure stress and help you control it” from the blog Smart Around your Wrist explains how they can monitor stress levels and help you use the health data to manage them.

  • Never think you can’t beat your panic attack

We know they are very, very scary and seem like they won’t go away. However, with hard work, commitment, and persistence, you can overcome your panic disorder. It is very important that you stick to a more positive way of thinking especially at the onset of the symptoms. Remember that the less tension you feel the fewer symptoms you will have.

  • Do not worry about things beyond your control

This is a very important mindset that will make a big difference in your life. For example, you were not able to do your laundry because you did not have time? Well, tomorrow is another day. Believe it or not, we all worry over small things that we have no control of. The problem is these little worries can manifest themselves into panic attacks. Sometimes, we create our own problems when we think too much even when there is nothing wrong. Use your phone calendar to organize your days. That’s what we do and it has worked wonders.

  • Feel free to talk about it

Talking about panic attacks was hard for us at first. However, it is very important to tell a loved one or a friend about it. This will help stop your concerns and give you the ability to face it. Also, opening yourself to a friend you trust can help you get through a difficult time.

  • Keep following our tips

Even if you are experiencing an improvement, don’t stop practicing our relaxation techniques. It is very important to keep adopting healthy habits to help manage your stress which will gradually decrease your panic attacks.

Closing words

Overcoming your panic attack is possible but you must have the commitment and determination to do it. Do not let stress negatively affect your life. Also, remaining active and positive are also essential to defeat your panic attack. Keep in mind that what you do will determine your progress.

We hope our helpful tips have helped you to confront your fear and prevent future episodes. Take charge to free yourself and overcome your panic disorder!