Helping you fight panic attacks naturally

How to choose the right oil diffuser to stop panic attacks

How to choose the right oil diffuser to stop panic attacks

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After using aromatherapy for over 25 years, I decided to get an essential oil diffuser for Christmas. However, there are many types for every budget but did not know where to start. I learned that it’s not about choosing the best oil diffuser but the right one for your needs. In the end, I made a great decision. If you want to know how to get an essential oil diffuser to treat your severe anxiety or panic attack, you are in the right place.

For those who are fighting panic attacks and want another option to control them, having an oil diffuser can be a great investment if you don’t want to inhale the essential oils directly or put them on your skin. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the different types of diffusers, benefits, top essential oil diffusers, the easy way to maintain them, and much more.

What is an essential oil diffuser and why you should use one

It is a device that disperses essential oils into the air. They can be easily absorbed by the body and can be inhaled. It can purify the air and have therapeutic effects.

Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians extracted medicinal properties from the plants. However, the Greeks invented the distillation process and used to burn the oils.

According to Prezi, the first essential oil diffuser was invented in 2006 by Ming Jen Hsiao. You can see the presentation Evolutions of the diffuser here.

Nowadays, diffusers have many uses depending on the essential oil you are using. Not only that they can help reduce stress, but also can help you control your severe anxiety and panic attacks.

In addition, using one before going to sleep can promote good sleep. Also, they improve your breathing, boost the immune system, clean the air, and help you bring tranquility.

How can the right oil diffuser calm your most intense fears

You may be wondering how your panic attack can be beaten once and for all. We went through this and have learned that, along with correcting our breathing, essential oils can help control severe anxiety and panic attacks.

Using an essential oil that aids relaxation such as lavender, rose, jasmine or chamomile in your diffuser can purify the air and help you relax, It is a great way to practice your breathing while you are enjoying the soothing aroma.

Also, use your diffuser when you are practicing yoga, bedtime or anytime you need to calm down. You can bring the diffuser to your office to help you deal with stress.

Concentrate on the relaxing smell to help control your panic attacks. It will be hard at first but once you put it into practice the symptoms will improve.

Choosing the right essential oil diffuser can be a dainty task but we are here to help you make a decision.

Dont know which essential oil to choose? Get a starter kit like Pure Gold essential oil set of 6 that includes popular oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Orange, Frankincense, and Eucalyptus.

Type of essential oil diffusers… Which one should you get?

Oil diffusers come in many different colors, shapes, and prices. However, knowing the various types available will help you make a decision. Oil diffusers differ in how they disperse the essential oil. When it comes to maintenance, the most popular diffusers, the ultrasonic and nebulizer may need a bit more cleaning. However, evaporative and heat diffuser need very little maintenance or care.

These are the 4 most common types of essential oil you can find:


They do not use water but use an atomizer to spray essential oils to disperse them into the air. The smell of the oil is stronger since it is not mixed with water. It is more therapeutic and can fill your room with the aroma in its purest form. However, it may use more of the essential oil. Also, more cleaning and maintenance is required.

They are usually made of glass and are usually more expensive. However, it is a great investment for those who want to enjoy a soothing and relaxing smell without altering the strength of the essential oil.

Pro tips:

    • Because it uses more oil you can use it for 15-20 minutes and turn it off. Enjoy the fragrance. Follow the maintenance instructions so it can last longer.
    • You can use any essential oils. However, thicker oils are more aromatic. For example, Chamomile, Patchouli, or Vetiver use fewer drops.

Just to give you an idea, a nebulizing diffuser like Aromis is waterless which features an adjustable aroma and it does not use heat either. Check out this awesome oil diffuser that does not use water or heat that we found in Amazon.

How to clean a nebulizer diffuser

As part of having a diffuser is knowing how to maintain it. This will help you keep it like new. To clean a nebulizing diffuser follow your user’s manual and follow these tips;

  • Depending on the usage, your diffuser may need more frequent care. If you are using it every day for several hours, it should be cleaned once a week.
  • Add 20 to 25 drops of rubbing alcohol to the glass reservoir
  • Turn on the diffuser and let it work for around 7 to 10 minutes. This will clean the tubes of the diffuser.
  • Discard the alcohol and let it dry.


This is the most common type of diffuser. It uses water and electronic frequencies to disperse the essential oils. They use less essential oil than the nebulizer.

However, because the oils are mixed with water, it may need more essential oil to get the desired effect. But it still uses less than the nebulizer. An ultrasonic diffuser should be cleaned every three or four uses.

An advantage of using this type of diffuser is that since you are not burning the oil like the nebulizer, the properties stay intact.

I have the InnoGear Upgraded Version diffuser (Find out more about this popular item on Amazon) and it is working fine for me. It is affordable and keeps the aroma for quite a long time. It helps me relax and sleep better. As a matter of fact, it helps my dry throat due to the heat in the winter.

This is an affordable diffuser for the budget-conscious who wants to get therapeutic effects without breaking the bank. Also, if you live in dry weather or your heater is making your room dry this is the type of diffuser to go with.

This can be the right essential oil diffuser to choose if you are looking for an inexpensive and effective product.

Pro tip:

  • You can use it as a humidifier only. Add the required amount of water, turn it on without adding the oil as you wish.
  • They can be used for thicker oils but I have been using thin essential oils such as lavender, camphor, and eucalyptus but I have been satisfied with the results.

How to clean an ultrasonic diffuser

Cleaning this type of diffuser is easy like the nebulizer. To help you keep your diffuser in good condition I would suggest you clean it every 3 uses.

  • Unplug your ultrasonic diffuser and/or remove the plug right from the bottom.
  • Discard any water from the reservoir
  • Add clean water to the diffuser with a teaspoon of white vinegar
  • Turn on the diffuser and let it run for around 10 minutes.
  • Discard the water and let it dry.


They use heating elements to disperse essential oils. However, a lot of heat can make the aroma stronger but can alter the chemistry of the oils. Nevertheless, they can be affordable.

These heat diffusers can be plugged in the electric sockets or even in your car. An example of a heat-based essential oil can be Air Wick plugin-in Scented oil (Go to Amazon to find out more) which uses essential oils. They are great for neutralizing or fragrance enhancing any room.

We used this product for many years especially when people were coming over. We love the Ocean Breeze and Lavender/Chamomile scents.

If you like a diffuser that is affordable and does not require any maintenance this type of oil diffuser can be the right choice. They are available in many scents like lavender, linen, and other aromas.

Pro tip:

  • Use the heat diffuser in your bedroom or any area a more relaxing effect and turn it off since the smell lasts for hours.

How to clean plug-in scented oil warmer

They are easy to clean and do not need any expensive detergents. You just need 5 minutes of time to help your oil warmer do the job.

  • Unplug the oil warmer
  • Wipe it with a dry rag
  • Wash your hands
  • If the oil warmer is not electric you can soak it for 10 minutes in warm water and dish detergent. Remove any oil left. Then let it dry.


It uses a fan attached to a filter that has essential oils. The oils will evaporate and will be blown into the air. However, many evaporative diffusers don’t require a fan, such as bracelets, necklace pendants, pens, personal inhalers, etc.

The oils do not dissipate at the same time. the lighter properties are evaporated first and then the heavier ones last. This type of diffuser is great for when you are on the go. You can enjoy a relaxing lavender or your favorite aroma right on your wrist.

The Jenia Essential Oil Diffuser is a necklace pendant that comes with 8 colored felt pads so you can use your favorite essential oil (3-5 drops) without using a nebulizer or ultrasonic diffuser. According to the manufacturer, it is easy to clean.

It is very convenient to use a jewelry diffuser as felt pads that don’t have to be changed very often. Depending on the product, you may have to replace them every 2 or 3 months. Also, care and maintenance may vary by brand.

If you are looking for a diffuser that does not require much maintenance this is the right oil diffuser to go with. Read more about this fashionable and practical evaporative oil diffuser that I found on Amazon.


  • For an immediate effect, you may want to wear a necklace pendant or bracelet oil diffuser. Just put a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the refill pads and enjoy!

How to clean your evaporative diffuser

It is super easy to maintain it and like the evaporative diffuser, it just takes a couple of minutes to maintain.

  • If you have the user’s manual it is best to read it first.
  • Remove the pad from the locket of a bracelet/necklace or from diffuser with a fan.
  • It is very important to remove the dust from the fan with a dampened cloth if applicable. Otherwise, continue the next step.
  • For a necklace pendant or bracelet just clean the pad with soap and let it dry.

How to buy the right essential oil diffuser (11 things to have in mind)

When I was searching for an oil diffuser the first thing that came to my mind is the budget. However, besides how much you are willing to invest, there are other considerations to make in order to choose the right oil diffuser. We want to share the following 11 considerations:

  • Room size

It is very important to consider where you will be using your diffuser. For bigger rooms, a diffuser with large water reservoirs is recommended to fill the room with the aroma. However, depending on your needs you can buy a smaller one enough to enjoy the smell.

  • How much you are willing to pay

Choosing the right essential oil diffuser can be frustrating depending on your budget. Like anything else, you will find from the most affordable diffusers to the expensive ones. Although it is true that you get what you pay for, a pricey diffuser does not necessarily mean effectivity or satisfaction. The cheaper diffusers are the smallest but, again, it does not mean that they won’t serve their purpose.

The advantage is that they are portable. Also, many of these affordable items feature LED lights with various colors so you can use it as a night light. Others double as humidifiers and automatically turn off. An oil diffuser like VicTsing Essential oil diffuser has those mentioned functions plus a timer for less than $30.00.

Now, if your budget is no problem, you can find large area nebulizer diffusers that do not require water. Many come with remote control, commercial-grade material, and even with Bluetooth. you can get many features depending on your preference.

However, there are many ultrasonic diffusers that require water, with advanced carbon activated filters just to give you an example. Advanced oil diffusers can be around $50-$200+.

The bottom line is that the more features the diffuser has the more money you will have to invest.

  • The viscosity of the essential oil

There are thicker than the essential oils than others which means that it takes more time to dissipate into the air. An ultrasonic or nebulizer diffuser will just work fine. Thin essential oils can work with any diffuser.

  • Type of weather

If you live in dry weather, an ultrasonic diffuser will do the job because it can work as a humidifier. Also, if your room gets a bit drier during the winter due to the heat which may cause throat soreness or dryness this type of diffuser can be the perfect solution.

  • Purpose

If you wish to use your diffuser for therapeutic reasons, you may want to get either a nebulizing or ultrasonic diffuser. they can be used to aromatize your room while benefiting from the healing properties of the essential oils. The heat diffuser may work but it can degrade the oil when they are heated up.

  • Diffuser maintenance and care

If this is a big deal for you, an evaporative or heat diffuser may work for you because they don’t require any cleaning. However, the nebulizer and ultrasonic require maintenance every a couple of uses.

  • Frequency of use

I do not use my oil diffuser every day. However, if you want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your essential oils more often you may want to get an ultrasonic diffuser because it uses less essential oil than the nebulizer.

  • Length of time used

Essential oil diffusers can be used as often as you like. If you are planning to leave it on for the entire night you may want to buy a big one. However, most of the diffusers feature a waterless automatic shut off once the water runs out. It can take this consideration to choose the right oil diffuser for your needs.

  • Essential oil diffuser size

When it comes to the price size really matters. A great advantage of having a large diffuser is that you can have it on for hours. However, smaller ones, like the InnoGear, has an intermittent feature that will shut off every 30 seconds for seven hours. Nevertheless, without this function, it will work for 3 to 4 continuous hours.

  • Oil diffuser brand

You can find some of the most popular oil diffuser brands available in the market. For example, Doterra is a bit expensive but their diffusers are high quality, advanced, and have a sophisticated look. Another popular diffuser brand, InnoGear has a large selection from personal to car diffusers. Good quality at affordable prices.

  • Customer reviews

Before choosing the right oil diffuser it is important to know if the product will fit your needs or it will deliver a great experience. Therefore, knowing the rating, positive, and negative comments can help you pick the right product. It will keep you informed to help you make a wise buying decision.

Best essential oil diffusers on Amazon

Looking for an essential oil diffuser? You will find an overwhelming variety that’s really hard to choose from. Therefore, we have made things easier for you to help you make a wise decision.

We will share 3 of the top oil diffusers that you may like:

  • Urpower 2nd version essential oil diffuser

This diffuser is ultrasonic and can double as a humidifier. It has 7 changing colors night lights. feature waterless auto shut off when it runs out of water. It works for up to 3 hours in continuous mode and 6 hours intermittent. You can get between intermittent and continuous settings. Uses 100 ml or 3 ounces.

Pros: affordable, therapeutic, great for sinuses and dry air, convenient settings, auto shut-off, night light feature, you can use it at home or office

Cons: it is small for big rooms, it uses only 3 ounces

For more information, check the Urpower essential oil diffuser inthis link.

  • Asazuki Premium oil diffuser

The Asazuki diffuser is more advanced, It has 3 timers, auto switch off to prevent overheating, mist density control works for up to 16 hours in the weak setting. It is so convenient you can fill it with water from 100 ml (3 oz) to a maximum of 500 ml (16 oz). Made with eco-friendly PP materials. 25-30 square meters coverage.

Pro: Great for either and small areas, adjustable mist, auto shut-off, covers bigger areas

Cons: it uses more essential oil depending on the settings

Check out the Asazuki oil diffuser here.

  • Jack & Rose Aromatherapy bracelet

For those who are too busy to maintain a diffuser, this evaporative diffuser can be the solution. The Jack-Rose bracelet very easy to use and it is made of 316L Stainless steel. The diameter is around 25mm.

Pros: You can use it everywhere you go, maintenance and care is minimal, you can add any favorite fragrance or essential oil, wrist bands can be changed

Cons: suitable for smaller wrists only, because the 316L stainless steel is composed of 8-10.5% nickel it can cause allergic reactions

Check out more about the Jack & Rose Aromatherapy bracelet for more details.

Are the essential oil diffusers safe to use?

The dispersing essential oils help our bodies, mind, and clean the air. However, can they be used without any major issues? Yes, you can, as long as you follow the user’s manual and these tips:

  • Place your diffuser in a safe area out of the reach of children and pets
  • Follow the instructions’ manual about care and maintenance
  • Although most of the diffusers have an auto shut-off when it runs out of the water always check the water reservoir
  • Make sure you do not use it in an enclosed area. Instead, make sure it is ventilated
  • Use just pure essential oils to prevent your diffuser to be damaged
  • If you are pregnant, have asthma or suffer from a respiratory condition consult your doctor first

When choosing the right oil diffuser it is very important to know if essential oils are safe for your pets.

Essential oil diffuser and pet safety

According to ASPCA, essential oils can pose a danger to your pets such as cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, and others. For example, eucalyptus, clove, tea tree, oregano, thyme, lavender, peppermint, and garlic. Direct contact with essential oils can cause fatigue, poisoning, irritation, burns, vomiting, and even death.

It is best to speak to a veterinarian if you have pets and want to use essential oils. If you have an oil diffuser it is advisable to use it in an area that your pets cannot access.

Closing Words

We hope that our article “How to choose the right oil diffuser to stop panic attacks” has been a great help to you and your dear ones.

Panic attacks can be hard to control at first but persistence, practice, and staying positive can make a big difference. Whether you decide to use aromatherapy or not, always keep in mind that practicing your breathing is a must before you adopt other alternatives.