How to use lavender oil for panic attacks. Try it today!

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When I was a kid, I remember my mother cleaning the floors with a detergent that smelled like lavender. It was the very first time I smelled such a great fragrance. It was love at first sniff!! However, none of the ingredients listed lavender. Years later, finally, I had a bottle of lavender essential oil in my hands. It was this relaxing and floral aroma that captivated my senses. It has been over 25 years ago and I still make sure I have a bottle on hand. The lavender essential oil has helped me relax and alleviate my shoulder spasms. So, how do you use lavender essential oil for panic attacks?

We will show you how can get the most out of lavender to help manage them effectively. In my experience, I have used it to calm me down and deal with my intense fears. It has a great smell and will help relax your body and mind. You can add some drops to a diffuser like the Innogear Aromatherapy essential oil or Urpower diffuser. Even diluted lavender essential oil can work wonders.

Why is lavender so calming

I don’t know about you but when I smell lavender I feel like I am in a spa and a sense of calmness invades my soul. So why this herb with beautiful purple aromatic flowers can make sleep even the most insomniac?

Lavender contains 51% linalyl acetate, a naturally occurring phytochemical found in plants and herbs. Also, it has 35% linalool, a component that can help reduce inflammations. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology, the lavender essential oil has therapeutic properties for nervousness, spasms, burns, and insect bites. You can check the full report here.

Other properties include antibacterial, antifungal, sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, hypotensive, reduces anxiety, and muscle relaxant.

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How to make sure you get the lavender essential oil and not a fake one?

There are many fragrance oils or body oils in the market. They contain artificial ingredients and don’t have therapeutic properties.

However, essential oils are volatile compounds extracted from plants either by steam distillation, cold pressing, absolute oil, and others.

Make sure that the label says “100% lavender essential oil”. Also, you can check for “therapeutic grade” and “undiluted” if it is possible. Also, if it is certified organic even better.

If you want to find an edible lavender essential oil make sure the label reads “food grade” like the Zongle Certified organic lavender essential oil. Read more about this organic, safe to ingest lavender oil on Amazon.

Lavender facts and history

Lavandula angustifolia or lavender is a herb that has 47 species from the mint family. You can find this herb in the Mediterranean, Europe, Northeast Africa, and Asia.

Lavender was used for thousands of years. For example, the Egyptians employed it for mummification. The Romans used it for cooking, healing, and washing. During the Medieval and Renaissance times, people used it to scent clothes, treat infections, migraine, pains, and epilepsy.

This aromatic herb was effective even during the plague in the 16th and 17th centuries. Introduced in England in the 1600s, Queen Victoria used it as a deodorant. Even Queen Elizabeth 1 loved lavender jam at her table. In addition, they had fresh lavender flowers in the castle. Just imagine the relaxing aroma in every corner of the castle.

Products like Yardley, founded during the reign of Charles 1 in the mid 17th century, introduced lavender to their products and in 1880, exported their first lavender soaps to the USA.

Lavender has been present in beauty products, air refreshers, seasoning, tea, spa treatments, aromatherapy, supplements, among others.

How can lavender essential oil help your panic attacks

Just imagine what can a couple of drops of lavender essential oil can do for you. Not only they can help you alleviate your headaches and heal burns but it also can helps promote better rest and treat severe anxiety.

In my own experience, it has helped relieve my panic attack symptoms including insomnia, palpitations, and nervousness. I used it frequently especially when I was battling the fear of flying or to relieve severe anxiety/stress.

In addition, it is a great sedative that helps you calm down during the premenstrual syndrome. Just a couple of drops of lavender essential oil in your bath will help you soothe your aching and tired muscles. I love to add Epson salts for better results.

A very effective way of using lavender essential to fight your panic attack is to inhale the relaxing aroma in the onset of the symptoms. Just put 3-5 drops on a tissue or paper towel and inhale as you need. It has worked wonders for me! I used to have a bottle on the night table.

Can essential oils be ingested? The answer is you can’t unless you use edible essential oil. Otherwise, they are for external use only. To me, it is best to find culinary lavender essential oil or you can grow your own lavender plant.

You do not have to use the lavender essential oil on your skin to get the most of it. You can add it to your warm bath or diffuser before going to sleep. In addition, you can make a soothing and relaxing tea with the dried leaves.

How to dilute the lavender essential oil

Although you can use it right on the skin as a muscle relaxant or beauty treatment it is strongly advised to dilute it. Using a carrier oil such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or argan oil will do the trick.

You can add several drops (5-15) into 1 oz of carrier oil or body cream. I also recommend essential oil blends such as Anxiety essential oil blend. According to the manufacturer Nexon Botanics, this oil consists of “Lemon, Black Spruce, Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Clary Sage and Frankincense Oils.”

Amazon has this relaxing and calming essential oil blend available.

However, you can prepare your own essential oil blend that works effectively with lavender:

2 ounces of carrier oil, bubble bath or body cream

5-7 drops of each essential oil. You can use the following oils or your favorite ones as needed.

Bergamot essential oil – made from bergamot oranges it has a citrus smell. It is great for stress relief.

Ylang Ylang essential oil – This flowery smell can put you to sleep. It is effective for high blood pressure and anxiety. Works well with lavender and bergamot

Frankincense essential oil – made from the Boswellia tree, is a musky aroma that can help your severe anxiety.

Mix all the oils with the lavender essential oil in a dark container. Use it on your muscles or feet before going to sleep.

How to cook with lavender bud, stem, and leaves

Lavender is a very versatile herb that you can use in many ways including in the kitchen. Yes! That’s right in the kitchen! You can add it to almost every dish depending on your preferences. Have you heard about herbs de Provence? It is a mixture of dried herbs that originates from the Provence region of Southeast France. Although with some variation, they may contain oregano, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, fennel, and lavender.

Yes, you can add lavender to cakes, meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables. It goes very well with lemon as a fish rub. As a rule of thumb, do no use too much. Just a dash of lavender goes a long way.

You can grind the lavender leaves and mix them with other spices. A spice grinder from Krups, available on Amazon, can do the job. I bought one last year and I don’t regret it a bit. I use it to grind from allspice seeds to basil. Also, you can grind coffee and even nuts.

You can get the culinary lavender but make sure is not sprayed with chemicals. If you are growing a lavender plant you can take a couple of dried buds and stems. Grind and combine them with other herbs such as oregano or thyme. They can be added to lamb, venison, chicken, and even fish. The sky is the limit; just use your imagination!

It goes well with lemon, strawberry, oranges, other tangy, and sweet fruits. Also, you can infuse them alone or with lemongrass for a relaxing and aromatic lavender tea.

What if you do not like the smell of lavender essential oil?

Although I find the smell of lavender flowers so amazing and soothing, some may not like it. However, each type of lavender has a different smell. For example, the English lavender has a stronger aroma than the French Lavender. Lavandin is a hybrid from True lavender and Spike lavender. It is the most fragrant because it produces more oil.

If we compare the English lavender to the Lavandin, the latter’s aroma is richer due to its camphor content. If you are looking for a less fragrant one the French lavender and Spanish lavender are not as fragrant as the English.

For those who are not crazy about the lavender aroma, bergamot, jasmine, vetiver, ylang-ylang essential oils can be great alternatives.

Lavender scientific studies

Medical research shows that lavender essential oil can be used for anxiety, insomnia, and depression. A medical study published by the National Center for Biotechnology in July 2017 stated that postpartum women with anxiety “demonstrated reduced anxiety levels using a rose/lavender oil blend for 15 minutes twice weekly during the course of 4 weeks.”

It was found that lavender essential oil had alleviated physical symptoms of anxiety in rats, dogs, and humans. In addition, this study also details how lavender essential oil had neuroprotective and antioxidant effects on the nervous system. These findings show that lavender can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, lavender essential oil, produced by steam distillation, was used on people with anxiety, agitation, and restlessness. The study showed that lavender was effective on symptoms such as disturbed sleep and improved quality of life.

In addition, they conclude that the oral administration of lavender essential oil looks more promising than used in massages, aromatherapy, and inhalation.

You can see the full clinical study publication here.

Is lavender essential oil safe?

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), lavender is safe according to the Code of Federal Regulations. You can find this data on Part 182 – Substances Generally Recognized as Safe dated April 2019.

The lavender essential oil can be safe for babies, toddlers, and children as long they are used diluted and kept out of reach. However, for cat lovers be aware that fresh lavender is safe only if ingested in small amounts but the essential oil is toxic for them.

Now, according to the American Kennel Club, the lavender essential oil can be used on dogs. However, it is best to talk to your veterinarian. Keep in mind that using essential oils on them can lead to changes in behavior, liver or stomach problems if they lick it off, and even poisoning.

Best lavender essential oils for anxiety and panic attacks on Amazon

Looking for the best lavender oil to soothe your muscles, and relieve severe stress? Look no more! We have thoroughly researched and will share some of the best lavender oils to help you fight panic attacks.

Depending on the brand they use different kinds of lavender. That’s why our list includes this piece of information to help you make a decision. You can use them in your steamy shower, bath, beauty products, and diffuser.

The following 5 items can be great choices if you are looking for highly-rated lavender essential oils:

NOW Foods lavender essential oil

This essential oil was made by the distillation of flower tops and the label says Lavandula Augustifolia which is the Common or True Lavender.

According to the label, it is vegan. However, it does not say it is Organic.

I have used this oil many years ago. It worked well and the smell is a bit rich, sweet, and floral. This lavender essential oil has helped me calm down during my panic attack symptoms.

To learn more, check out this awesome essential oil here.

Piping Rock lavender essential oil

According to the company, this essential oil is therapeutic and contains Lavendula Officinalis, now Lavendula Augustifolia (True or English lavender).

I have been using this oil for a while and I can say it is a bit stronger than NOW foods lavender essential oil. Adding just 3 or 4 drops to my diffuser has improved my sleep quality. Also, you can put some drops to a paper towel when you have a cold or when you feel the panic attack symptoms.

Find this aromatic essential oil in this Amazon link.

Artizen Lavender essential oil

According to the manufacturer, the lavender is tested for purity to ensure you are getting good quality oil. As per product information, the bottles are UV infused to protect the essential oil against degradation.

Per the label, this product contains Lavandula Angustifolia, also called English lavender, True lavender or Common lavender which is native from the Mediterranean.

The aroma can be a bit strong, floral and woody. Just a couple of drops go along the way! Use just 2 or 3 drops of the Artizen lavender essential oil (Find it here) to treat your panic attacks and fight your symptoms.

Healing solutions lavender essential oil

The facility where this lavender oil was distilled is GMP, ISO 9001 and Kosher certified according to the company.

Just to let you know GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. This is a certification for organizations that have demonstrated strong commitment and international standards. ISO 9001 is a certification that helps organizations meet customers and compliance requirements.

Like the Artizen lavender oil, they use True lavender or Lavandula angustifolia. Read more about this popular essential oil in this link.

Majestic pure lavender essential oil

This therapeutic grade essential oil contains both True Lavender from Bulgaria and Lavandula hybrida from France.

Bulgarian lavender smells floral like the French lavender. However, Lavendula hybrida from France, a cross between English and Portuguese lavender, is a variety from lavandin. The smell is strong and woody for its high content of camphor.

Therefore, the aroma of this oil is strong but it does not have much camphor. Also, it is fruity, a bit sweet and mellow.

Using a couple of drops can make a big difference and transform your room into a relaxing oasis!

Interested? Read more about this fragrant and relaxing essential oil here.

Closing words

The lavender essential oil can be used for panic attacks or anxiety for it is sedative properties. However, to fight anxiety disorders effectively, we would strongly advise you to practice your breathing before exploring any other options. This will help you manage them which will help improve the effectiveness of the lavender essential oil.

In my own experience, using lavender oil has been an important part of defeating panic attacks. However, not everyone might like the aroma. If you have never used it before you may just want to put 1 – 3 drops on a tissue. Feel the aroma and adjust the amount accordingly. Also. if you are not sure which one to buy, the French or English lavender isn’t too strong like the Lavandin.

A word of caution: Do not use this or any sedatives while operating any machinery (including driving). Also, keep them out of the reach of children and pets. If you are using any medications consult your physician in regards to drug interactions. or are pregnant women should consult your specialist.

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